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Welcome to Big Mike's Kites! We are located in suburban North Dallas and we are looking forward to assisting you with your next kite. We specialize in Power Kites, Traction Kites, Quad Line, Two Line, Stunt, Foil, and even Single Line Kites. You can find excellent kites from Peter Lynn, HQ, Ozone, Cross Kites, Prism, and SkyDog and other great kites from Revolution, New Tech, Premier, and Gomberg. Woodstock WindChimes are here too. We are Kite enthusiasts doing what we like to do. We have flown nearly every kite offered on our website and we have done reviews on them as we could. What we haven't flown, we will be flying them at some point soon so we can advise you to get you the best possible kite based on your experience level and what your future kite plans are. Browse through our site and see what we have to offer. Email us and we will answer your questions. Take advantage of some of our specials as well. If you are overwhelmed or need some advice on what kind of kite to get, check the list of pages below first for some helpful hints depending on what you want to do. You may jump over to our Quick Order page for immediate kite purchases. Test Site

Top Selling Kite Brands

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Power Kites from Peter Lynn - Peter Lynn has the widest selection. Most Peter Lynn models come highly recommended by myself and others. From beginner to Kiteboarding, they have it all.
Peter Lynn Power Kites
Cross Kites - Cross Kites are a great budget line of kites. When you want to explore what kiting has to offer, these kites will get your feet wet at entry level pricing.
Cross Kites Logo
Kites from HQ - HQ kites has everything. Single line kites. Power Kites, Two Line stunt kites, and DePower Kites. Worth looking into.
HQ Power Kites
American Made Revolution - Revolution Kites are some of the most sought after 4 line kites on the market. Extreme manueverability make these kites are a hit at beaches and parks everywhere.
Revolution Kites

Kites by Discipline Type

Entry Level Kites - Use this page to help you choose a Power Kite. Selections on this page are best suited for the novice flyers, but everyone will enjoy flying them. Many are family friendly
Entry Level Kites
2 Line Stunt Kites - Before the 3 line and 4 line kites became available, 2 Line stunt kites were the traditional pilot controlled kites. SkyDog Kites and Prism Kites are two manufacturers that I carry here.
Two Line Stunt
Kiteboarding Kites - Whether you are on the lake or in the ocean, kiteboarding is an ever increasing popular sport. Peter Lynn and HQ have some great kites to choose from. Popular models are the HQ Neo and Matrixx. Peter Lynn Charger, Escape, and Fury
Snowboarding or Snowskiing Kites - Many of these kites are capable of doing landboards and snowboards or skis. Capable of taking you up the mountain as well as down the mountain. Look for the HQ Montana or Peter Lynn Lynx. Also the Ozone DePower Kites are highly sought after.
Kites for Landboarding - Landboarding is a big skateboard or Mountainboard with huge wheels. MBS is the main supplier in the US. Other boards can be had as well. I offer boards from Kheo, MBS, and Scrub
Kites for Jumping - Though I don't jump or even recommend it....I do enjoy watching others do it. I've been witness to a high jump or two. Do yourself a favor and bring the protection with you.
Jumping Kites
Power for Kite Buggies - Kite buggying is my favorite aspect of the sport of kiting. Incredible speeds can be achieved by those that dare. Its relaxing and physical at the same time.
Kite Buggying
Single Line Kites - I carry over 1000 Single Line kites in stock. Too many to list, I post the popular styles here. Difficult to keep up with the website during the spring months due to so many festivals. If ordering between March and June, please email me about availability.
Single Line Kites

Other items for Kiting

KiteBoards - Hit the water. Presenting LiteWave Kiteboards. I am learning how to kiteboard myself. Kite Boards by LiteWave
Landboards - Like the Kites that are listed above, here are the Landboards you need to get your groove on.
Kite Buggies - This is my sport of choice. I prefer kite buggies to the rest. I am not skilled enough or young enough for landboarding or kiteboarding. The world speed record is 84+ mph by the way.
Miscellaneous Parts - Here is a listing of all types of parts for your kites. Windmeters, handles, line, odds and ends. All are listed on this page. If you dont see something, let me know..i just may have it anyway.
Parts for Kites
Harnesses - The more extreme kites need a harness. Some kites it is an optional item. But you can fly all day with a harness where maybe a couple hours without one depending on the kiting situation. Peter Lynn and Ozone are stocked. HQ are available.

Other Top Brands of Kites

Kites from Ozone - Ozone Kites are not only kite manufacturers, but they also have a line of Parasails. Power Kites, DePower kites, and other essentials are their specialty.
Ozone Power Kites
Prism Kites - Prism Kites are some of the best quality - moderate priced kites out there. Extremely popular, my first kite was actually a Prism Quantum. Durable and reliable brand that stands the test of time.
Prism Kites
SkyDog Kites - A US based company, skydog kites are my kite of choice for 2 line stunt kite beginners. Attractive colors and kites designed by one of the best designers over the last 25 years...Dodd Gross. Skydog also has a nice selection of single line kites.
SkyDog Kites
New Tech Kites - I stock a wide variety of New Tech Single line kites. They are some of the best selling kites at my Kite Festivals and I've had nothing but good luck with the quality and performance of these kites.
New Tech Kites
Premier Kites - I stock a wide variety of Premier Single line kites. Premier has some of the nicest large Single Line kites as well. I usually have a large number of the smaller kites on hand and a good selection of the larger kites at any given time.
Premier Logo
Into the Wind - ITW kites are some very nice kites. I almost always have a nice selection of ITW kites in stock.
Into the Wind Kites
Gomberg Kites - Gomberg has a nice selection of top quality kites available. I bring a couple dozen to any festival. Ghosts, Diamonds, Deltas, Conynes...they have a large number to choose from. I also carry a nice selection of tails to add onto your Gomberg Kite
Gomberg Logo
Kites from Revolution - American born and made, Revolution Kites are some of the most sought after 4 line kites on the market. Extreme manueverability make these kites a hit at beaches and parks everywhere.
Revolution Kites
Winderful Things - Mikes Newest offshoot. Gifts, Windchimes, Patio Glitz, Spinners, Windsocks, anything you want to play in the wind with that are not kites.
Winderful Things by Big Mikes Kites
Woodstock Chimes - A new addition for Big Mikes Kites and Winderful Things. Woodstock chimes are some of the most sought after chimes. I carry a wide variety of their chimes and can special order what you want. Browse through the pages for an enjoyable time. Excellent for gifts.
Woodstock Chimes
Coupon codes - I have different coupon codes for different things. Only one coupon code can be used at a time. Here is more information about them.
Coupon Code Instructions
Kite Festivals: I attend many kite festivals each year. I am always looking for more. If your community would like to put on a festival, contact me about this. I can steer you towards open dates that will make your festival a huge success.
Festivals near Dallas I can usually bring a large contingent of flyers like shown here that have very large kites. I'm bringing over 1400 kites to festivals, so your event will be a huge success. Great fund raising opportunity and it gets the community involved. References are available on request.
I'm going to festivals as far South as Galveston and as far North as Wichita. And everywhere in between.
Kite Festivals at Big Mikes Kites
Location - I'm in Celina, TX and from September - June, you may browse my 'store' and choose something. Appointment required.
During the summer months, I pack all the single line kites in boxes and bring them out of the heat. Power kites are a year round opportunity. Call or email first. I will schedule you a time to visit.
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